Staff Members
Don Schooner (Owner)

Don has had a life long love of the outdoors. Don worked at a local greenhouse for several years and immersed himself in trying to find natural solutions to help his customers with their gardens and water gardens. Wanting to explore larger ponds he began Inspired By Nature in 1996. Don's focus is not on simply trying to "fix" a problem but why there is a problem in the first place. He has dedicated himself to helping pond owners understand what is going on in their pond and why. He then tries to help them come up with an affordable management plan based on their specific pond issues. There is no, "on size fits all" in nature and the overuse of chemistry if not a solution if you do not seek out the root cause. 

Don has been president of Wood Lucas Pheasants Forever for almost 25 years. He is very active with the Leopold Education Project, where the Aldo Leopold Foundation and Pheasants Forever work together to help educate teachers in the art of observation and the natural world around us. His passion for the LEP project has been a life changing event in his life. He strives to encourage others to appreciate the world around us and do our best to leave a legacy of land stewardship for future generations. 

Art R.

If it can be fixed or constructed, Art is your man. Art has been with IBN for over 10 years and we have appreciated everyday he has been with us. Art designed our Premium Dock Box Aeration System, manifold, diffuser unit and continues to dazzle us with his creations. 

Nothing leaves our shop without Art making sure it is in tip top working order. Meticulous and passionate, Art is a valued part of our staff.

Larry P.

Larry is hardworking and dedicated. Larry has much pride in his work. Whether he is on a cleanout or delivering fish Larry takes his time and does a very good job. 

Larry has been with us for well over 10 years and continues to put in 110% at everything he does. 

All Tilapia are NOT Equal

IBN sells ONLY Pure Blue Tilapia NOT hybrid Tilapia. When you buy Blue Tilapia from IBN you get:

  • 6" plus fish that are Brood Stock - ready to reproduce
  • Blue Tilapia live longer 
  • Begin eating plant material right away

Why Stocking "Tilapia" is not the same

  • Smaller Sized Fish are not ready to reproduce
  • Stocked Later in Season
  • Die Earlier in Season


By stocking smaller Tilapia you will NOT have the same amount of overall consumption! Don't fall into the trap of buying smaller fish. 


Key to Natural Pond Management

Nutrients are key in natural pond management. Our management techniques identify nutrient problems, develop means of reducing nutrient input, and provide long term control of residual nutrients. In doing so, we are taking the excessive nutrients responsible for nuisance plant growth and converting them into more manageable plant and animal growth.  Using an array of tools such as Beneficial Microbes and Bottom Aeration, Inspired By Nature, Inc. provides safe, low maintenance, and affordable solutions for your pond or lake.

To inquire or order any of our products or services please contact us at 419-669-4084


In 2010, we introduced Blue Tilapia as a tool to help manage ponds naturally. Since that time we have seen incredible results! Tilapia are NOT a magic bullet but when used at proper stocking rates they can be a very effective. Tilapia alone are not going to solve all of your pond troubles! Read more about Tilapia here

Schooner Farms

Sustainable, Non-Conventional Farming, inspired by nature! In 2009 we added another segment ot our business - Schooner Farms. Visit us at

  • Raw Honey
  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • Educational Classes
  • Pasture Raised & Certified Organically Fed Poultry & Fresh Eggs
  • Volunteer & Intern Opportunities
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • and more